Scenarios provide a convenient structure to describe the environment, transducers, and sensors. A collection of preconfigured scenarios are provided with NDK, and can be easily loaded.

There are currently three scenarios provided with NDK, two of which have both a 2D and 3D version. 2D versions are quick to simulate and are great for testing out ideas quickly before transferring to a 3D simulation.

The following is all that's needed to load a pre-defined scenario:

import neurotechdevkit as ndk

scenario = ndk.scenarios.built_in.Scenario2_2D()

The existing scenarios are:

  • SCENARIO_0 (2D) - a simple quickstart toy scenario that enables users to dive in and experiment with their first simulation immediately.
  • SCENARIO_1_3D (3D) - a scenario containing a flat 3-layer bone covered by skin, with water above the skin and brain below the bone. This is based on benchmark 4 of Jean-Francois Aubry, et al..
  • SCENARIO_2_3D (3D) - a scenario containing a full skull and brain mesh immersed in water. This is based on benchmark 8 of Jean-Francois Aubry, et al..
  • SCENARIO_1_2D (2D) - a 2D version of scenario 1.
  • SCENARIO_2_2D (2D) - a 2D version of scenario 2.

All of these scenarios are immediately ready for visualization and simulation, with appropriate default parameters used where needed.


Scenario Layout